Forum: FusionForge 6.0.3 available

Posted by: Sylvain Beucler
Date: 2015-10-06 15:18
Summary: FusionForge 6.0.3 available
Project: FusionForge


We just released FusionForge 6.0.3, which is a bugfix release.

It's available at:

Here are the changes in this release:
* Layout: fix rss url when url is absolute (TrivialDev)
* Accounts: accept more elliptic curve ssh keys types (Unit 193 & Inria)
* Accounts: fix missing system privileges when using "Add Users From List" (Inria)
* Docman: fix filesize sort [#784] (TrivialDev)
* News: allow moderating news comments even if the Forum tool is disabled (Inria)
* Plugin SCM: fix race condition when creating project with SCM selected (Inria)
* Plugin SCM SVN: fix repo access to RO group (Inria)
* Plugin SCM Git: work-around for iframe access to private projects' gitweb from Firefox 40 (Inria)
* Plugin scmhook: git committracker: fix groupname detection on multi-server setup (Inria)
* Plugin scmhook: git postreceiveemail: don't prepend [projectname] in subject by default (Inria)
* Plugin Taskboard: remove in-progress French translation (Inria)
* Plugin Taskboard: block dropping item on columns with resolution "closed" [#781] (TrivialDev)
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Welcome to fusionforge-6.0.3-available
Sylvain Beucler
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