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Posted by: Franck Villaume
Date: 2021-11-03 16:16
Summary: FusionForge status
Project: FusionForge


Hi Community, as you have probably notice is experiencing some hickups however the project is still alive and kicking.

So where are we? hosting has moved to debian 11. That explains mediawiki not available and mailing-lists turn off.
In the meantime, work is currently done to make live the buildbot. Most of the work is done on the master branch or on specific personal repository. Master branch source installation is OK on Centos7, Debian9-10-11, OpenSuSE15. Centos8 should be OK soon. Selenium Test Suite is OK on Debian9. On-going work to validate all the tests against other versions and distributions.
Master branch packaging (rpm/deb) is KO. You can still generate locally package but the community does not publish valid packages yet.

So what next?
In the forthcoming months, we expect to have a brand new buildbot and we will focus our effort on finalization of the next Fusionforge version. So stay tune and contribute!
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