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RE: Fusion Forge features [ Reply ]
By: Franck Villaume on 2013-10-22 11:34

1) openid authentification is supported using the authopenid plugin.
2) Fusionforge supports theme. But user interface is not really decoupled from backend, menaing, theme is a little bit rough. However SOAP API exists.
3) you can split fusionforge per service but you probably need to get into the code to split some feature.


Franck aka nerville

Fusion Forge features [ Reply ]
By: Mr Sim on 2013-10-22 00:41
We have used a customized version of Gforge and is considering migrating to Fusion Forge and have a few questions below:

1. Does Fusion Forge support OpenID? If not yet, does anyone have the current status?
2. We have customized the user interface. If we need to customize the user interface again in Fusion Forge, we hope we can separate the customization from the core code such that we only have to do it once and in future Fusion Forge upgrades, we do not have to spend that customization effort again. It seems that an API-based customization that decouples user interface customization from the core code would help. Is such API-based customization possible in Fusion Forge?
3. Is it possible to distribute the back-end into multiple servers by their functions?

Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated.