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Forum: FusionForge 6.0 final release available

Posted by: Roland Mas
Date: 2015-05-29 14:00
Summary: FusionForge 6.0 final release available
Project: FusionForge


After 4 release candidates, the FusionForge community is proud to announce the new major Fusionforge 6.0 final release.

The major changes in this version are:
* Immediate system actions (0-delay for new project, new repository, new SSH key...)
* Unified, concurrent SSH & HTTPS access to Git and SVN
* Technology preview : new TaskBoard plugin supporting Scrum and Kanban agile methodologies

Here is a more detailed list of visible changes:

Standard features:
* New install system (Inria)
* Reactivity: system replication is now performed immediately (rather than waiting for cron jobs) (Inria)
* SCM:
* Concurrent SSH and HTTPS access, relying on Apache mod_itk (Roland Mas and Inria)
* Allow projects to use several SCM engines in parallel (Roland Mas, for CEA)
* Support read-only access to private projects via SSH (Inria)
* Browsing support for (Git) private repositories (Roland Mas, for AdaCore)
* Anonymous read-only access through xinetd and rsync (Inria)
* System: users now use a common default group ("users") rather than per-user group; avoids conflicts with project groups (Inria)
* Docman:
* Basic Webdav write mkcol, delete, put, move support (TrivialDev)
* Add move mass actions (TrivialDev)
* Direct link to file details (TrivialDev)
* Rewrite parser using unoconv, support more file formats (Roland Mas, for CEA)
* FRS:
* Enable widget "My monitored packages" (TrivialDev)
* Provide new role settings (TrivialDev)
* Add delete packages, releases or files mass action (TrivialDev)
* Provide link to download any release as ZIP file (TrivialDev)
* Web UI:
* Drop tipsy plugin, use standard jQuery UI tooltip already provided (TrivialDev)
* FusionForge Theme & jQuery UI theme sync (TrivialDev)
* Gadgets:
* Public Area: display FRS link (TrivialDev)
* My Latest Commits: New widget to display user commits on "My Page" (TrivialDev)
* Project Latest Commits: New widget to display the 5 latest commits on the project page (TrivialDev)
* Project Latest Documents: enhancement, add actions buttons (monitor, delete) (TrivialDev)
* Tracker: enable support for multi-select extrafield in roadmap (TrivialDev)
* Forum: store the attached files on FS (TrivialDev)
* vhosts: allow customization from <config_dir>/custom/httpd.vhosts.tmpl (Inria)
* SCM SVN: Improved ViewVC integration, using external installation (Inria, TrivialDev)
* SCM Git: Activity log entry link to commit log in SCM browsing tab (TrivialDev)
* SCM Hg (Mercurial)
* Display the Repository History stats block (TrivialDev)
* Add support for project activity tab (TrivialDev)
* Activity log entry link to commit log in SCM browsing tab (TrivialDev)
* scmhook
* Update git post-receive email hook (tarent solutions GmbH, Teckids e.V.)
* Install hooks as the requesting system user (Inria)
* AuthLDAP: Support LPAP_OPT_REFERRALS option, needed by ActiveDirectory Server (TrivialDev)
* Task Board: New Agile TaskBoard supporting Scrum and Kanban methodologies (Vitaliy Pylypiv and TrivialDev)

Tracker roadmap of the 6.0 release : https://fusionforge.org/tracker/roadmap.php?group_id=6&roadmap_id=1&release=6.0

Some metrics about 6.0:
* 14 months of development since 5.3
* ~ 2900 commits between 5.3 and 6.0
* 36 contributors
* 43 feature requests implemented
* 10 bugs fixed (in addition to those that were not in the tracker)

FusionForge 6.0 can be downloaded in source form from https://fusionforge.org/frs/?group_id=6&release_id=42
Packages will be available in some distributions soon.

Enjoy! Your feedback to fusionforge-general@lists.fusionforge.org is welcome!

For more information on FusionForge, refer to https://fusionforge.org.

-- The FusionForge community
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Welcome to fusionforge-6.0-final-release-available [ Reply ]
By: Roland Mas on 2015-05-29 13:54
Welcome to fusionforge-6.0-final-release-available