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Release Name: 4.7

Release Notes
Release notes for FusionForge 4.7

This is the first public release of FusionForge.  FusionForge is based
on GForge, and started as an identical copy, with only a name change
to avoid confusion with the proprietary versions of GForge (known as
GForge Advanced Server or GForge AS).  As such, it benefits from
mature code and known-good infrastructure, and builds on it for the

This 4.7 release is focused on bringing the recent evolutions out to
the community in an official stable release.  This should provide a
solid base as a starting point for community-based development, making
it easier for enhancements to be maintained.  The FusionForge name was
chosen to reflect this: this is a community effort, and we hope to
hear about your improvements.  Contributing these improvements would
make their future long-term maintenance easier for everyone.

Major changes since previous versions (of GForge) include:
-  Support for PHP5.
-  Support for PostgreSQL 8.x.
-  Translations are now managed by gettext.
-  Support for several configurations running on the same code.
-  Improved security, no need for PHP register_globals.
-  Available as full install CD.
-  New wiki plugins (using MediaWiki or phpWiki).
-  New online_help plugin.
-  New phpwebcalendar plugin.
-  New project hierarchy plugin.

Things to keep in mind when installing:
- FusionForge is based on GForge, and the renaming is quite recent.
  So the code still contains lots of references to GForge.  This will
  be fixed as time passes.
- Full text search using the primitives provided by PostgreSQL 8.3
  isn't quite complete yet.
- Not all plugins are packaged for all distributions yet.

Things to keep in mind when upgrading:
- Since internationalisation was changed from a hand-made system to
  standard gettext, locally customised translations will no longer
  override standard ones.  This will be addressed in a future release.

For more up-to-date information, please visit
or -- you can even join us on IRC
from there!

 -- The FusionForge development team

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