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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 6.0rc4

Release Notes
New release candidate.
Change Log
FusionForge 6.0rc4:
* New install system [#710] (Inria)
* Reactivity: system replication is now performed immediately (rather than waiting for cron jobs) [#147] (Inria)
* SCM: Concurrent SSH and HTTPS access, relying on Apache mod_itk [#519] (Roland Mas and Inria)
* SCM: Allow projects to use several SCM engines in parallel [#751] (Roland Mas, for CEA)
* SCM: Support read-only access to private projects via SSH (Inria)
* SCM: Browsing support for (Git) private repositories [#519] (Roland Mas, for AdaCore)
* SCM: Anonymous read-only access through xinetd and rsync (Inria)
* System: Users now use a common default group ("users") rather than per-user group; avoids conflicts with project groups [#760] (Inria)
* Docman: Basic Webdav write mkcol, delete, put, move support [#658] (TrivialDev)
* Docman: Add move mass actions [#657] (TrivialDev)
* Docman: Direct link to file details [#747] (TrivialDev)
* Docman: Rewrite parser using unoconv, support more file formats [#749] (Roland Mas, for CEA)
* FRS: Enable widget "My monitored packages" [#697] (TrivialDev)
* FRS: Provide new role settings [#705] (TrivialDev)
* FRS: Add delete packages, releases or files mass action [#713] (TrivialDev)
* FRS: Provide link to download any release as ZIP file [#737] (TrivialDev)
* FRS: Fix RBAC migration script [#765] (TrivialDev)
* FRS: Reorganise code [#692] (TrivialDev)
* Web UI: drop tipsy plugin, use standard jQuery UI tooltip already provided [#656] (TrivialDev)
* Web UI: FusionForge Theme & jQuery UI theme sync [#663] (TrivialDev)
* Web UI: Update the jQuery & jQuery UI frameworks [#664] (TrivialDev)
* Web UI: feedback, error_msg, warning_msg are now store in cookie [#669] (TrivialDev)
* Web UI: Update the jQuery Auto-height plugin [#716] (TrivialDev)
* Web UI: Updated French translation (St├ęphane Aulery and Inria)
* Widget Public Area: display FRS link [#684] (TrivialDev)
* Widget My Latest Commits: New widget to display user commits on "My Page" [#743] (TrivialDev)
* Widget Project Latest Commits: New widget to display the 5 latest commits on the project page (TrivialDev)
* Widget Project Latest Documents: enhancement, add actions buttons (monitor, delete) [#745] (TrivialDev)
* Tracker: Enable support for multi-select extrafield in roadmap [#655] (TrivialDev)
* Forum: Store the attached file on FS [#662] (TrivialDev)
* vhosts: Allow customization from <config_dir>/custom/httpd.vhosts.tmpl (Inria)
* Plugin SCM SVN: Improved ViewVC integration, using external installation [#719] (Inria, TrivialDev)
* Plugin SCM Git: Activity log entry link to commit log in SCM browsing tab [#719] (TrivialDev)
* Plugin SCM Hg (Mercurial): Display the Repository History stats block [#724] (TrivialDev)
* Plugin SCM Hg (Mercurial): Add support for project activity tab [#725] (TrivialDev)
* Plugin SCM Hg (Mercurial): Activity log entry link to commit log in SCM browsing tab [#726] (TrivialDev)
* Plugin scmhook: Update git post-receive email hook (tarent solutions GmbH, Teckids e.V.)
* Plugin scmhook: Install hooks as the requesting system user (Inria)
* Plugin AuthLDAP: Support LPAP_OPT_REFERRALS option, needed by ActiveDirectory Server [#734] (TrivialDev)
* Plugin Task Board: New Agile TaskBoard supporting Scrum and Kanban methodologies (Vitaliy Pylypiv and TrivialDev)

* CVE-2015-0850: Prevent arbitrary command execution via clone URL
  parameter of the method to create secondary Git repositories. Found
  by Ansgar Burchardt <>.