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MantisBT Plugin
Plugin to use the MantisBT bug tracking software in FusionForge.
Plugin Changelog
Plugin Changelog for mantisbt
Matrix by Fusionforge Version and by Linux Distribution
distribution\version 4.8.x 5.0.x 5.1.x 5.2.x 5.3.x 6.0.x master
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CentOS undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined

mantis plugin vs. mantisbt plugin

You used to find 2 mantis plugins in Fusionforge. Original plugin was mantis. It just offers project initialization in some mantis bugtracker. It has now disappear from master.
MantisBT plugin is a complete and separate plugin offering new views based on SOAP API calls. Projects are initialized, users are created and automatically linked to the right project, project_hierarchy is respected too. 4 views are provided : tickets, roadmap, statistics and administration.

In master, mantis plugin does not exist anymore.

mantis wsdl SOAP

You might need to modify mantisconnect.php file if your php.ini is configure with display errors such as warnings... Add these 2 lines at the beginning of mantisconnect.php :



  • global configuration at forge level : work. You can set URL, SOAP user and SOAP password for connection.
  • project configuration : you can create your project in MantisBT server, using global configuration.
  • user configuration : you can link your account to an existing MantisBT user.
  • ticket : create / update / add note / add attachments.
  • create version / category.

howto use it

  • you must activate plugin at forge level.
  • you can setup configuration at forge level.
  • you must configure your own user.
  • you must configure the project with specific url or use the global forge configuration
  • go ! use mantisbt now !

To do

  • vastly remove css code and use theme when needed
  • remove javascript code => use the js controller
  • deal roles
  • deal users DONE: 20110301 still need cleanup
  • support already created mantisbt project DONE : 20110301
  • make the user view work. STARTED: 20140917
  • check mantisbt version to disable plugin or functionnality
  • prepare missing patchs to be include in mantisbt
  • revamp the filtering system ? CURRENTLY DISABLE


  • main developper : franck villaume (TrivialDev) aka nerville
  • ideas : fusionforge Team