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  • Meet each others :)
  • Talk about the future of FusionForge


First, let's continue to discuss issues in the Friday IRC meeting - the IRL meeting doesn't take over all forms of discussions ;)

Let's try to list impacting topics here. Express features, then the implementation details and impact (the ends rather than the means).

Test suite

I (Beuc) would like to think a bit about improving the test suite, because it breaks easily and is time-consuming to maintain. I don't really know how to improve it but I think I'd be a good thing :)

It can be noted that tuleap is more focused on unit tests (class-level, no selenium), and we're more focused on integration tests (deployment/packaging, black-box approach with selenium).

Template engine

Roland started branch feature/twig-template-engine - should we target it for next release?

Code review

There were talk about integrating CI in FusionForge. Tuleap has a wrapper around Gerrit (for simplification purposes) which we can study.


I (Beuc) get the feeling that more and more people only know about the github way to work ("pull requests", all in the web interface), and doing thing differently (e.g. mailing lists) is badly perceived. Should we attempt to copy github, like e.g. gitorious and gitlab? Is it even possible with the ITK model (e.g. the base web interface can't show a diff between private repos, so difficult to integrate the merge in the main web ui)? Should we instead maintain the current users' habits? Should we aim for something a little bit different by bringing continous integration into FusionForge?


We discussed dropping it last year. Given that the GSoC was a failure, that VALS SoC doesn't seem to go anywhere, and that we didn't find an opportunity to work with other forges (tuleap), PlanetForge doesn't seem to be useful anymore.

SVN-Git gateway

GitHub provides SVN access to the Git repositories. AFAIK there is no free equivalent to this feature, we could work on it.

Taskboard plugin

Make a presentation of this plugin. Collect feedback, present some "must have" enhancements.



  • obergix
  • nerville
  • mcmat
  • beuc
  • lo-lan-do

2014/2015 overview

  • TaskBoard contributed by vipylypiv
    • Answers requests from prospects
    • Plugin is "beta", to developer/extend ; code is pretty simple, JavaScript-oriented
    • lo-lan-do : further dev on a 6.0 branch (not master) to ease update the plugin separately from FF
    • Forthcoming doc on TrivialDev blog
    • Concurrents : JIRA (not well suited but still used) ; trello.com (not much structured)
  • Build system + more packaging
  • Fusion SSH / HTTPS (ITK)
  • Reactivity (SSH via DB, systasksd)
  • Release / tests / finalisation
  • French translation 100% 5.3
  • Improved FRS (bugfixes, ergonomy, code reorg)
  • WebDAV Docman
  • buildbot maintenance
  • Twig branch started, to develop/expand

News from outside



  • Beuc doesn't need platform anymore, not willing to manage increasing list spam either
  • Focus on social networks to replace planetforge aggregator
  • Can plug planet and/or ff.org on TrivialDev's Piwik to get traffic estimate (ACTION nerville)

Pull Requests

  • Idea : reuse trackers to track pull requests updates
  • Difficulties with ITK, will require intermediate process for diff / merge / etc.
  • Restricted to project members in a first step (avoids disk space issues)

Continuous Integration

  • Idea : possibly integration : SCM -> (Jenkins | simple tar) -> FRS
  • Note : not necessarily a good idea, even for scripted language, where "make dist" performs a number of clean-up

Test suite

  • Statu quo, no grand new idea
  • Possibly cache (DB copy) creation of "ProjectA"
  • OpenSUSE support?

Template engine

  • Low priority
  • Note : html helpers allow themability


  • Please clean-up old/fixed/stalled Bugs and Features before the release
  • Planned date : May 29th
  • Release 5.3.3 tomorrow (ACTION beuc)
  • Bring back generated .deb and .rpm from buildbot (+ clean fusionforge.fusionforge.org - ACTION lo-lan-do)
  • Update for newer MediaWiki (> 1.19) : after the 6.0 release


  • nerville : Docman, FRS, research unification (next year)
  • lo-lan-do : maybe some twig
  • obergix : maybe some shibboleth
  • beuc : pull requests, a priori