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FusionForge proposes to host per project a dedicated (static) website accessible under http://projname.myforge.com/, which is served out of HTML files present in /home/groups/projname/htdocs/. Project members may use scp, rsync and likes to upload files in that directory.

Default project homepage

Multimedia contents

Javascript/PHP or any other ?


FusionForge Project Administration Virtual Host Tab

Requires the configuration flag use_project_vhost set.
To set up Virtual Hosts, it requires project administrative permissions.
Virtual Hosts are aliases to standard project URL. However FusionForge does not handle DNS delegation therefore the Virtual Hosts aliases must be defined as CNAME to FusionForge webhost by DNS administrators.

Virtual Hosts only support plain http. Https is yet to be supported.

To create a new virtual host:

  • set the virtual host name in the field
  • click on the Create button.
  • the virtual host is automatically setup within few secondes/minutes.

To delete a virtual host:

  • click on the Delete operation.
  • the virtual host is automatically setup within few secondes/minutes.

Deleting a virtual host does not remove any files the project may have already uploaded.

use use_shell_limited

If configuration flag use_shell_limited is set, projects members can only use rsync command to upload files in project homedir directory.
See restricted shell for more information.