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While anonymous can easily browse through FusionForge, registration of user is mandatory to use FusionForge service.
There are 3 ways to register new users.

Option 1: Register yourself

This option requires the usage of configuration flag user_registration_restricted set to no (this is the default value).
The following link <your.forge.url>/account/register.php provides access to user registration page. Once user filled and submited registration form, the user receives a validation mail to activate the account.

Option 2: Admins add new user

FusionForge administrator users can register new users. Using the "Site Admin" tab, in the "User maintenance" section, a link is displayed to get access to the user registration page. New user added by a FusionForge administrator is automatically activated. No email is sent to the user to notify the registration.

Option 3: import users