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FusionForge provides a feature to organize deliverable/product/file releases. Organized by package, release, files, this feature relies on RBAC for permission.

Main Features

Available Widgets

user oriented widgets

project oriented widgets

forge oriented widgets


To enable this system at forge level, the configuration flag use_frs must be set to yes. Per project, the system can be enable/disable through the Project admin tab.


FRS Access Permissions block in Role
FRS Per Package Permissions block in Role

Relying on RBAC, FRS permissions are splitted into 2 groups.

  • FRS access level permissions:
    • No access: Any access to FRS is disabled.
    • FRS access: When set, the per package setting applies
    • FRS Administration: when set, then role has full access to any package and any action over package/release or file.
  • Per Package permissions:
    • No access: disable any access to the package and his content.
    • Read access: can browse/download files/releases in the package
    • File Management: create/modify/delete files in the package.
    • File & Release Management: create/modify/delete files & releases in the package.
    • Package admin: full permission on any action on the package/release/file.

The section Default for new packages applies when new package is created.

Main Page





inject-files.php script

The inject-files.php is located in ~/fusionforge/bin/ directory. This script must be executed on the FusionForge hosting server.

The script creates packages based on the content of a parameter file files.txt which must be located in the same directory than the script.

The content of files.txt file must respect the following format:

  • each line describe one package.

Example file:


forge command line

The forge command line is located in ~/bin/ directory.

The command line supports package/release import or export. Detail information here