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This page provides access to administrative functions, organized by section. To have access to the page, it requires Forge administration permission.

User Maintenance


This section provides information and access to registered users in the platform. The displayed information are:

  • number of active users
  • access to the complete list of registered users
  • search for users where unix username, first name or last name beginning with the selected letter or number.
  • specific form to search for users using a keyword
  • link to user registration page
  • direct access to pending users

User Administrative Page


This page is organized into 3 main areas:

  • the Account Information with:
    • unique User Id (automatically generated by FusionForge on user registration)
    • unique User Name (used as unixname for any ssh connexion)
    • Real Name based on concatenation of First Name and Last Name
    • Web Account Status
    • Unix Account Status
    • Unix shell (if the configuration flag use_shell_limited is not set)
    • Email
    • Current confirm hash (registration hash used by user to activate his account)
    • a form to delete the user
  • the Project Membership which list all projects the user belongs with the associated roles
  • the Add membership offer an easy to the Forge Administrator for selecting projects and adjust the initial role within the project for the user to be member of.

Global roles and permissions


Existing global roles

Anonymous/Not logged In

Any user logged in

Forge administrators

News administrators

Stats administrators

Create new global roles

Project Maintenance



Trove Project Tree

Site Utilities