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Goal: make it easier to change URL schemes


Means: util_make_url (already gives 1+2, maybe 3)

TODO: split URLs between component and parameters → util_make_url (tracker/browse, (group_id=>1, atid=>18)) Define naming scheme for components Make component just another parameter: func or action or do or... Build links *only* with util_make_url (no more string concatenation)

Encode actual intelligence behind URL generation in util_make_url, according to configuration

Remove all analysis of PATHINFO from pages, replace with $func/$action/$do/...

Possibly write a single index.php/dispatcher.php that dispatches actual work to real scripts (require or include or ...)

Possibly write URLs like http://site.com/<project_name>/<module>/<action>/<args>, where project is the unix_name of the project. The goal is to provide a way to restrict access to a project using an external URL filtering software. This kind of syntax could require to use the mod_rewrite to be effective. Other interesting format to be able to handle is http://<project_name>.site.com/<module>/<action>/<args>

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