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GlobalActivity plugin


This plugin provides a forge-wide view into the activities of all projects (modulo permissions). It can be seen as an aggregate of all the project-wide "activity" pages, accessible via https://forge.example.com/plugins/globalactivity/

The relevant data is also made available through a SOAP API.

Usage of the API

The method is called globalactivity_getActivity. It takes four parameters.

Session token

A session token (as for the rest of the SOAP API): string (as returned from the login method). Possibly empty if the API is to be used anonymously.

Start date

A start date: integer (Unix timestamp: number of seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC)

End date

An end date: integer (ditto);

List of sections

A list of sections for which to list events (array of strings), to be picked among:

  • scmsvn,
  • svngit,
  • svnhg,
  • trackeropen,
  • trackerclose,
  • frsrelease,
  • forumpost,
  • news,
  • taskopen,
  • taskclose,
  • taskdelete,
  • docmannew,
  • docmanupdate,
  • docgroupnew.

An empty list means no filtering.

Return value

The return value is an array of GlobalActivityEntry. A GlobalActivityEntry is a hash with the following keys:

  • group_id identifier for the project on the forge,
  • section see above, with a quirk: scmsvn, scmgit and scmhg all end up in the same "scm" section,
  • ref_id meaning differs across sections,
  • subref_id ditto,
  • description title, commit number, or otherwise descriptive text,
  • activity_date as a Unix timestamp.

Global Activity per project

Despite its name, the plugin also provides a non-global SOAP method called globalactivity_getActivityForProject, which takes a group_id as an extra parameter between the end date and the list of sections. It returns an array of GlobalActivityEntry that only concerns the requested project.

URL: https://forge.example.com/plugins/globalactivity/


"Test-GlobalActivity" is a Python script meant to test whether a FusionForge instance with plugin GlobalActivity installed is actually working. It was created for testing http://adullact.net/.

As FusionForge offers a SOAP API, GlobalActivity is called with a SOAP client. You may use a desktop tool like SoapUI and make requests manually, or use Test-GlobalActivity, which is a Python script using SUDS library, a lightweight SOAP python client. (One day, it could be updated with Zeep library which seems much more supported.)


sudo apt-get install python-suds


Note: this is Python2

python2 test-globalactivity.py