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= Getting FusionForge =
= Getting FusionForge =
If you want to install FusionForge, [[Installing]] has a list of instructions on how to install it on your server.  If you're interested in the source code, also have a look at [[Installing/SourceCode]].
Check [[Installing]] to install FusionForge on your server.
= Getting documentation =
= Getting documentation =

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FusionForge is a software forge derived from GForge (versions 4.x). It started as a way to keep the open-source codebase alive, and bring contributors of enhancements together.

FusionForge is developed by a group of contributors, ranging from volunteer individuals to members of large organizations and companies.
We are also actively collaborating with other forges through the PlanetForge initiative.

The free software aspect and the cross-forge collaboration aspects are equally important to the FusionForge project, and were actually triggers for its initiation.
The genesis of the project is documented on the announcement.


See our Presentations.

Getting FusionForge

Check Installing to install FusionForge on your server.

Getting documentation

Check Special:Categories for a start point.

Getting involved

See the New Contributor page.

Getting in touch

To get help on administrating or using FusionForge, have a look at the FusionForge manual of the version you are running at the documentation tab.

The preferred way to reach us is the project mailing list fusionforge-general@lists.fusionforge.org and the #fusionforge IRC channel on FreeNode (subject to timezone constraints).

The project is loosely organised, but we documented our Organization. See also the list of plugins to reach their authors.

We also sometimes organize Meetings, where developers, users and other interested parties can meet face-to-face and discuss technical as well as non-technical questions.