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(political / governance)
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The [http://www.openworldforum.org/ Open World Forum] happens in Paris the next day with a [http://openworldforum2012.sched.org/event/90adf5fac8a91b527948407ee779924e potential Forges session].
The [http://www.openworldforum.org/ Open World Forum] happens in Paris the next day with a [http://openworldforum2012.sched.org/event/90adf5fac8a91b527948407ee779924e potential Forges session].

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Meeting October 2012, Paris




  • project ROADMAP
  • Plugins development process / branching : separation between core and plugins ?

Development tools

  • Migration to a DVCS


  • Separating the Debian, RPM, etc. packaging files from the main project's repository
  • Clean and find consistency between rpm / deb
    • We have 3 possibility to install fusionforge (deb, rpm, and source archive). And each install is different. For example :
      • 5.1 in deb create /etc/fusionforge/fusionforge.conf but not in rpm
      • 5.1 in deb create /etc/gforge/gforge.conf (deprecated no ?)
      • 5.1 in deb create debian-install.ini and debian-install-secrets.in but not in rpm
      • 5.1.1 in rpm don't provide fusionforge-config
      • 5.1.1 in deb provide fusionforge-config and gforge-config (deprecated no?)
      • pg_hba.cong is not the same
    • Dont deploy deprecated files
    • Why rpm use dav svn default, and deb not.

I don't check in 5.2, but it becomes difficult to navigate, configure fusionforge between os installation.

Toward a common plugin infrastructure with other sourceforge derivated forge

  • Coclico project showed it was possible to make common plugin between codendi 4.0 and fusionforge
  • Pros :
    • Shared effort in maintaining same code
    • Planned integration of Mediawiki in Tuleap
    • Common build infrastructure (LXC also used in Tuleap build bot)
    • Shared translations
    • Shared eclipse plugin
  • Tuleap Goodies :
    • tracker plugin
    • agile dashboard plugin
    • cardwall plugin
    • Coming debian packaging
  • FusionForge goodies :
    • mediawiki plugin
    • auth* plugins
    • doaprdf plugin
    • foafprofile plugin
    • oslc plugin

political / governance

  • FusionForge Roadmap
  • Sustainability of the architecture & code-base
  • Potential for a community of interests with other FusionForge-using companies


  • Having a Face-to-Face meeting every once in a while doesn’t hurt.
  • Why not participant introductions with slides (if they want) in "speed dating mode" including presentations of their forges specificities ? Olberger (talk)

Interested Parties

Add yourself here if you’d like to come, even if you didn’t get it confirmed by e.g. employer with travel budget, yet:

  • Thorsten Glaser (mirabilos), tarent solutions GmbH, EvolvisForge
  • Roland Mas (lolando), Gnurandal
  • Timo Pick, tarent solutions GmbH, EvolvisForge
  • Franck Villaume (nerville), TrivialDev
  • Christian Bayle, Orange Labs

Arrival times

  • tarent arrives at Paris Nord at 09:59 (and stays overnight)


Let’s drink^Wsocialise a bit on the evening!


The Open World Forum happens in Paris the next day with a potential Forges session.