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How to configure Mylyn with FusionForge

Install Eclipse

There are various way to do this

apt-get install eclipse

or get a zip or a tarball at http://eclipse.org/downloads/, take eclipse classic

Install Mylyn

Quick guide, the full guide is at http://www.eclipse.org/mylyn/downloads/

Start Eclipse, in the top menu choose

Help >> Install New Software... >> 

In "Work with" add :


select all the mylyn products that will appear, and accept the license agreement when asked

Do again "Work with" with :


and select also all products, and accept the license agreement when asked

You should now be ready to use Mylyn and follow the next step after eclipse restart

Parameters to use for a Fusionforge tracker

Open the planning perspective

Window >> Open Perspective >> Other >> Planning >> OK

Open the Task Repositories view

Window >> Show View >> Other >> Tasks >> Task Repositories

This will open a new Tab, In this tab right click on Tasks and choose

Add Task Repository 

Then choose

Web Template (Advanced) >> Next

You will be asked a set of parameters, fill like this :

Server : 

In Additionnal settings fill:


In advanced configuration

Task URL : ${serverUrl}/tracker/?func=detail&group_id=${group_id}&atid=${atid}&aid=
New Task URL : ${serverUrl}/tracker/?func=add&group_id=${group_id}&atid=${atid}
Query Request URL : ${serverUrl}/tracker/?group_id=${group_id}&atid=${atid}
Query Pattern : <td><a href="/tracker/index.php\?.+?aid=({Id}.+?)&.+?atid=.+?">({Description}.+?)</a></td><td>({Owner}.+?)</td><td>({Type}.+?)</td><td>({Status}.+?)</td></tr>
Login Request URL : ${serverUrl}/account/login.php?form_key=${loginToken}&return_to=/&form_loginname=${userId}&form_pw=${password}&login=Login
Login Form URL : ${serverUrl}/account/login.php
Login Token Pattern : name="form_key" value="(.+?)"

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How to compile Mylyn