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Fusionforge plugins

Plugins currently in SVN are in various states

Currently maintained ones

Templates plugins

  • HelloWorld is used as a template by createplugin.sh script
  • scmcpold exemple for an scm plugin, unmaintained

See https://fusionforge.org/scm/viewvc.php/trunk/plugins/templates/?root=fusionforge for these plugins

"Coclico" plugins

These plugins are proposed by Coclico project, they are made to be portable between FusionForge and Codendi

  • Mailman Plugin integrates mailman data in the forge database, user are compared by mail, so they can access to mailman admin without signing again, this also allow users to see their list of subscribed list, subscription is implemented in the same way that you subscribe/unsubscribe to forum.
  • Forumml Plugin makes mailing list history look like forum, you can alos post mail when browsing history
  • Hudson Plugin allows you to connect to hudson server and shows build result in interface.
  • OSLC-CM Plugin proposes a REST Interface to FusionForge Tracker system. The interface is OSLC-CM compatible.

See : https://fusionforge.org/scm/viewvc.php/trunk/plugins/coclico/?root=fusionforge for these plugins

Other plugins have seen various levels of maintenance recently

See also

Roadmap#Plugins in development.