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Each project has an administrative tab, it requires "Project Administration" permission. This tab provides access to administrative actions such as user membership, role definition, tool activation, and more.


The project administrative page provides a submenu with the following entries, depending on the configuration of the FusionForge installation & the tools activated by the project itself:

  • Project Information: view/modify project informaton such as public description, public name, ...
  • Users and permissions: add/remove users & permissions setting.
  • Tools: activate/deactivate tools
  • Project History: track project information modification
  • Effort Units: related to tracker feature. Setup Effort Units at project level.
  • Post Jobs: post an open position in the project.
  • Edit Jobs: adjust/modify an open position in the project
  • Edit Multimedia Data: publish internal images, such as project logo.
  • VHOSTS: setup dedicated project vhosts.
  • Stats: display usage per main features used by the project.

Project Information

Users and permissions

FusionForge Project Administration Users & Permissions Tab

Add Members

Select Members

Adjust Role per member

Role Management

Role creation

Role Edition

External Roles


FusionForge Project tool activation tab

Each tool enabled by Forge Admins can be activated/deactivated by project. Ticked tools are activated in the project. Some tools provided a direct link to the administrative part of the tool.

Icon right to the name of the tool indicates the status of the plugin. On production system, by default only validated plugins are available, therefore the green icon presence.

Project History

This tab displays track of each modification made on the project item such as Project Full Name, Public information, status, etc.

Information are organized into a 4-columns table:

  • Field
  • Old Value
  • Date: date of the modification
  • By: author of the modification

Effort Units

Using tracker feature provides a way to follow time spent, time estimation on each artifact. Effort Units are time unit and are used by the tracker custom field Effort only.

Effort Units can be define at 3 levels:

  • Forge
  • Project
  • Tracker

Each later definition overwrite the previous one, i.e.: forge definition can be overwrite at project level, as so on.

By default, each project does not have specific effort units definition.

See Effort Custom Field for more detail on how to set up and how to use it.

Post/Edit Jobs

Requires the configuration flag use_people to be set (default value is yes). This is related to the Project Openings feature. See the dedicated page.

Edit Multimedia Data