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FusionForge offers possibilities to classify/order/tag projects. 3 views are available:

  • Tag Cloud: where project describe itself with keywords aka tag.
  • Project Tree: using categories to describe the project, user can drill into registered projects.
  • Project List: a flat list of registered projects ordered by project's unixname.


Each section requires a dedicated configuration flag to be available. See each section for detail.



The projects displayed in each tab are filtered using permissions settings. To get visibility on the project, users must have visible permission on project visibility block on role permission settings.

Tag Cloud



Require the configuration flag use_project_tags to be set.

Displayed Information

Project Tree



Require the configuration flag use_trove to be set.

Displayed Information

Configure the Trove Tree

Export the Trove Tree as XML

Project Trove Setting

Users with administrative permissions can set trove categorization to projects. The Trove Categorization is per project and is available from project administration page in the Project Information tab.

plugin extensions

Project List



Require the configuration flag use_project_full_list to be set.

Displayed Information

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