RPM Installation

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Installation on CentOS / Red hat 5

Run as root:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
wget http://fusionforge.fusionforge.org/rpm/5.1/dag-rpmforge.repo
wget http://fusionforge.fusionforge.org/rpm/5.1/fusionforge.repo
yum install --skip-broken fusionforge

Please report working/non working packages.

Provided packages

While our build system is building RPM for all the available components, only the following packages are currently recommended:

  • fusionforge
  • fusionforge-plugin-extratabs
  • fusionforge-plugin-fckeditor
  • fusionforge-plugin-gravatar
  • fusionforge-plugin-ldapextauth
  • fusionforge-plugin-online_help
  • fusionforge-plugin-scmsvn
  • fusionforge-plugin-svntracker