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While anonymous can easily browse through FusionForge, registration of user is mandatory to use FusionForge service.

User Creation workflow

User online creation is a 2-steps workflow:

  1. User Account registration by an user. The user account is then in pending state.
  2. The user receives an confirmation email. Visiting the link set the user account to active state.

Registration options

Register yourself

This option requires the usage of configuration flag user_registration_restricted set to no (this is the default value).
The following link <your.forge.url>/account/register.php provides access to user registration page. Once user filled and submited registration form, the user receives a validation mail to activate the account.

The following fields are needed to register:

  • Login Name: must be lowercase. It must be unique across the forge installation. This value will be used as unix account if FusionForge is set up to allow ssh connection. User can leave it empty, it will be automatically generated.
  • Password: must be at least 8 characters. If configuration flag check_password_strength (default value is no) is set then password must comply with following rule :
    • at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase, one digit, one non-alphanumeric character.
  • Title: free text.
  • First Name: free text.
  • Last Name: free text. First Name and Last Name will be use to build the Real Name of the user.
  • Language: Selectbox. Use to set the default language, therefore the translations of the interface. Default value is English
  • Timezone: Selectbox. Use to set the time used by the user.
  • Theme: Selectbox. Set the theme to use. Default is funky, shipped theme with FusionForge.
  • Country: Selectbox. Default is US.
  • Email Address: valid email address. If configuration flag require_unique_email is set, email address must be unique across FusionForge installation.
  • Address: free text.
  • Address (continued): free text.
  • Phone: free text.
  • Fax: free text.
  • Receive Email about Site update: ticked by default. No real usage.
  • Receive additional community email: unticked by default. No real usage.
  • Accept terms of use: must be ticked if feature activated. Requires the configuration flag user_registration_accept_conditions set to true (default is false)

Required fields are identified with a red star.

Forge Admins Registration

FusionForge administrator users can register new users. Using the "Site Admin" tab, in the "User maintenance" section, a link is displayed to get access to the user registration page.

New user added by a FusionForge administrator can be automatically activated by ticking the Activate this user immediately box. No email is sent to the user to notify the registration.

User Import

inject-users.php script

The inject-users.php is located in ~/fusionforge/bin/ directory. This script must be executed on the FusionForge hosting server.

The script creates users based on the content of a parameter file users.txt which must be located in the same directory than the script. User Account creation does not send email notification to the users.

The content of users.txt file must respect the following format:

  • each line describe one user.
  • each line have 5 elements separated by colon
    • login: login of the user
    • email: email of the user
    • fname: First Name
    • lname: Last Name
    • password: Password in cleartext.

Example file:


forge command line

The forge command line is located in ~/bin/ directory.

The command line supports user mass injection. Detail information here