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Here's the current semi-formal way we make a release:

  • Announce intention to make a release on mailto:fusionforge-general@lists.fusionforge.org.
  • Update src/CHANGES with user-friendly description of what happened since the last release, e.g. [1]. Usually one would make a call to contributors so they update it, if not already.
  • Update src/www/index_std.php as well.
  • Update src/translations/fusionforge.pot (see Translations).
  • Decide the release at the next weekly meeting.
  • Tag the precise release point on the release branch.
  • Make sure the current release point passes the Test Suite
  • Ask for checking if that debian packaging is up-to-date. If the debian packaging is not up-to-date, then ask to debian maintainers to update it.
  • Create the archive (everything is ~/src/ directory)
  • Add the archive at https://fusionforge.org/frs/?group_id=6.
  • Make an official announcement on the fusionforge.org front page.
  • If possible update fusionforge.org to the new version (showing we drink our own champagne).
  • Notify TranslationProject coordinator of the new tarball (see Translations).
  • Update all field values in the tracker (add new "Found in version" and "Target release" fields...).
  • Ask to debian maintainers to push a new Debian version to unstable (and optionally to stable-backports).