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Roadmap and work in progress

4.9 or 5.0 or whatever

Already committed to trunk

  • Unmodified packages can now work with a URL prefix
  • GForge AS → FusionForge migration script
  • New plugins initially developed for Adullact: extratabs, projectlabels, contribtracker
  • Another new plugin that was only maintained for Adullact in recent times: globalsearch
  • New features developed by lolando for AdaCore:
    • ability to use email address (in addition to login name) for logging in if sys_require_unique_email is true;
    • (optional) enforce the acceptance of terms of use on account creation;
    • (optional) block anonymous downloads from the FRS;
    • command-line scripts to inject users, groups and file releases into the database from text files.
  • Update the Mediawiki plugin to have separate wikis per project (lolando)
  • Refactored scm* plugins, and implemented new ones for Arch, Bazaar, Darcs, Git and Mercurial and Darcs (lolando)
  • For fusionforge build:
    • Continuous integration applied to fusionforge package build (cbayle)
    • Test suite
  • Safe SQL, with db_query_params rather than string concatenation of SQL and args (lolando)
  • Accessibility and web standards fixes (Matthieu Faure/Open-S, via lolando)

See also the NEWS file in trunk and CHANGES file in trunk

Not committed yet

(In various states of development: from "not finished" to "not even started")

  • Provide install CD build (cbayle)
  • Finish merging in the ACOS changes (aljeux)


  • Advanced URL relocation (with a dispatcher)
  • Revamp authentication/identification (SimpleSAMLphp) (cbayle)
  • Use MIT Simile Web Widgets[1] (cbayle)
  • Rethink authorization code (XACML, ACL, ...) (cbayle)
  • Cleanly separate SQL and HTML
  • Use a framework?
  • Simplified configuration management (one .ini file, or store config in database) (lolando, initial implementation committed to trunk)
  • Factorization of code: monitoring, upload.
  • GPG integration
  • Blog plugin (LifeType b2evolution WordPressMu) ?
  • Finish merging in the Novaforge changes (gcuellar)

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