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(Not committed yet: Template projects)
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* Finish merging in the ACOS changes (aljeux)
* Finish merging in the ACOS changes (aljeux)
* Better template projects (Lolando, see https://fusionforge.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=225&group_id=6&atid=114 for details)
== Long-term ==
== Long-term ==

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Roadmap and work in progress


Already committed to trunk

  • Codendi widgets (Snapshots)
  • Coclico plugins
    • Mailman
    • Forumml
    • Hudson
    • SoapAdmin (work in progress)
  • Simplified configuration management (one .ini file, or store config in database) (lolando, initial implementation committed to trunk)
  • New API and model for the permissions, as defined on [1] (committed on trunk, not enabled by default yet)
  • New Docman (step1 & step2 more informations here)

Not committed yet

(In various states of development: from "not finished" to "not even started")


Plugins in development

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