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Jenkins interface : http://buildbot.fusionforge.org/ (gives a list of different build queues)

Configuration of the builds (TODO: check me):

  • physical box: miromesnil.gnurandal.net
  • buildbot VM (using KVM): vladimir.gnurandal.net
  • ssh port : 10022

In the VM :

We also use LXC, using a bridge setup with DHCP.

It's rather using standard Jenkins setup, with the pipeline plugin. There are :

  • tasks to build lxc templates
  • 3rd party software

It is meant to have the following build order:

  → src build on centos5 → src build on centos6
  → src build on debian7 → src build on debian8
  • build in 'src' case: a 'source install' using install-ng
  • build in 'pkg' case: a pkg build + a pkg install
  • at the end of each build, Selenium tests are executed
  • if the build is ok, the result is put in a repository

TODO/wish list:

  • Automate task creation maybe using dsl plugin
    • improve the Jenkins plugin to pilot/setup Jenkins
    • put/visualize result in FRS
  • Use master/slave Jenkins capability to enable parallel builds
  • Try Buildbot as a Jenkins alternative

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