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=== document management ===
=== document management ===
* [[Widget_User_Monitored_Documents/6.1|Monitored Documents]]
* [[Widget_User_Monitored_Documents/6.1|Monitored Documents]]
* [[Widget_User_5_Last_Documents|The 5 Last Documents in My Projects]]
* [[Widget_User_5_Last_Documents/6.1|The 5 Last Documents in My Projects]]
=== file release system ===
=== file release system ===

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FusionForge provides a single poinf of entry for each logged user where user can select widgets to visualize all information from all projects the user belongs at one glance. This User personal homepage uses the Widget system. Therefore the user can build his own layout.

Ff user personal homepage.png

User submenu

The user personal homepage submenu has the following entries:

  • My Personal Page: the main user personal homepage displaying the widgets with the menu Add widgets and Customize layout
  • My Trackers Dashboard: the full list of all trackers with artifacts of all projects the user belongs. Available if the forge is using the tracker feature.
  • My diary & notes: Available if the forge is using the diary feature.
  • My account: dedicated page to list all detail of the user account
  • System tasks: list automated tasks performed in the background by the system to provision requested features.
  • Register a project: dedicated page to register a new project.

Available Widgets per Category

document management

file release system



project management

source control management


Tracker Dashboard

My Account

System Tasks

Register a project

This submenu entry points to the page to register a project. See this page for detail