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Inherited from Codendi, FusionForge is providing a Widget System to customize the following pages:

A widget is a division of the page that contains at least the following information:

  • a title
  • some buttons (remove, minimize) in the main bar
  • a content

Widget can be reorganized by any logged user with correct permission. A widget can be move (drag & drop) in the defined layout. The layout of the widgets (division by rows and columns) can be customize as well. However a widget itself cannot be resized. The size of the widget is defined by the layout of the page.

Widgets are provided by each feature or by specific plugins. Widgets are classified by category.

Widget Layout


The widget layout can be configure for each page. i.e: the layout of the widgets to display detail of an artifact is specific per tracker. The layout configuration proposes 4 default page organization and 1 fully customizable organization.

  • 2 columns: All widgets are displayed in 2 columns, equal 50% width each.
  • 3 columns: All widgets are displayed in 3 columns, equal 33% width each.
  • Left: All widgets are displayed in 2 columns. One small column (33% width) on the left, one main column (66% width) on the right.
  • Right: All widgets are displayed in 2 columns. One main column (66% width) on the left, one small column (33% width) on the right.
  • Custom: You can build the number of rows and the number of columns to organize widgets. The width of each column in each row can be personalized.

The layout configuration is part of project template or tracker template, i.e: when you select a project template to register your project, the layout of this project is applied to your new registered project. Same apply for tracker.

To have access to layout configuration, it requires administrative permission.

Add Widgets


This menu entry lets you browse in each category of widgets available for the page. Adding a new widget activate the select widget to the widget layout. You can then organize the widget position as you like by moving the widget across rows and columns.

A widget can be a singleton (single & unique instance of the widget for this page) or created multiple times. To create multiple times the same widget, user have to use the Add Widgets menu to select the widget to be create. The documentation of each widget set the type of the widget: single or multiple.