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I know it is a pain to build-up full Gantt charts but if you add the feature [dependency] to tasks then please make an option to recalculate dependency chains on start and stop time. This is a pretty easy job for a computer and a pain in the ass for me to manually click each item and adjust starting/stopping times.

See enclosed graph. I build up a chain and get all started on the initial starting time. This is not logical. I would expect somewhere in the user settings an overview of available working hours per day and starting times (for a specific project). In combination with the estimated hours it should be easy to link the activities based on starting or ending time.

With this additional "User available hours" all information is there for a chain build-up. Do that for every available chain of tasks and the Gantt chart really becomes useful (and I know, technically there is much more possible but then it becomes a real planning tool and for now that is not the goal, is it?).

Two optional useful adding features: 1. Ad an option with "start new tasks on a new day" and it reflects reality. 2. Scrum Productivity or Focus factor correction. Agile Scrum estimates in ideal effort and recalculates this to reality with a Productivity Factor. If a day has 8 hours, the ideal effort hours are, for example with an average of 75% productivity, 6 hrs.

I really think that the Gantt chart feature will become a real asset if these relatively simple calculations are added. Apart from the available hours and starting times, all information is available. It will help engineers to plan their activities, now it is no fun..

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Since gantt chart has been reimplement using js library, dependencies are now displayed correctly.

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