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FusionForge generates emails for various requests, e.g. when somebody requests to join a project, an email is sent to the administrators of that project.

It would be very useful to allow users to get lists of their pending tasks in iCalendar format. This offers various benefits:

  • they can merge the list with iCalendar tasks from other sources such as Bugzilla, mailing list moderation, Github, Debian BTS http://danielpocock.com/github-issues-as-an-icalendar-feed

  • the task list can be prioritized/ordered much more effectively than email, which is usually ordered by time

  • people can also get a much more accurate view of their workload by looking at a task list than looking at their inbox, this can allow people to see when they might need to delegate more things, withdraw from some projects, etc

This same approach would be useful for various things, including approval of new users on the site, approval of new users in a project, approval of posts to a mailing list, approval of repository creation, etc

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Daniel Pocock
Date Submitted: 2016-06-12 09:21
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