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In FusionForge it is possible to apply dateadd, datesubtract functions on DateTime type of extra field. It will be a good to have feature if it is possible to separate date, month, year OR Hrs, Min Sec part from this field and perform basic mathematical OR logical calculations over it.

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Priya Naik
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Date: 2017-05-10 06:36
Sender: Priya Naik

Additional explanation : In FusionForge it is possible to add/subtract date to/From the DateTime extra field. For ex: datetime_sub(cfdate, 'P1D') This will subtract 1 Day from date stored in extrafield "cfdate"

It will be good if we can extract the date part from datetime extrafiled. For ex : cfdate is a datetime type of extrafiled which contains date as : 10/05/2017 then it will be good if it is possible to extract date part i.e. 10 in other integer type of field. OR moth part i.e. 05 in this case OR a year i.e. 2017

Please feel free to contact me if you need more details.

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