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In the existing "Roadmap" feature of fusion forge, it is possible to select the various extra-fields defined into that tracker. The dropdown list contains all those field which have “Elements Defined” for them. It will be very useful if the list also include the extra filed which do not have any element defined for it. For Ex: Below are the extra fields defined for the tracker- 1) TestSelectBox : Select Box : values defined are "Category 1" , "Category 2" 2) TestStatus : Status : values defined are "Not Started" , "In-Progress", "Closed" 3) TestRelease : Release : The values are automatically fetched from the file releases. 4) TestText : Text : Not required to define values for this type of field.

Then in the create roadmap feature, it will list only two extra-fields from above i.e. TestSelectBox and TestStatus because they have elements defined. And TestRelease and TestText will not be listed because they do not have elements defined.

It will be good if it is possible to select the field like Release type of filed into the roadmap feature.

Please let me know if any more details are required.

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