[#897] Confusing "you need to login" dialog on missing priviledges on forum.



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When a forum is created it defaults to "read only" for regular users.

When a user tries to user "start new discussion" in such a forum he is redirected to the login page with a text explaining that the requested function requires to log in.

This is highly misleading as the user is logged in, and logging in again will not change anything (and the forum will still not be write able for the user).

It would be good to: - either remove the "start new discussion" link for users with insufficient privileges for posting. (same might go for "reply" buttons, havn't checked if there are any in this case) - or give an appropriate error message instead of the login screen

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Franck Villaume
Date Submitted: 2018-10-14 16:59
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Franck Villaume
Last Modified: 2018-10-14 16:59
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