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we run FusionForge with the Mediawiki plugin. I created an additional role in the project and tried to set the Mediawiki write rights to full rights (create, move, etc.) and then I click save and get a confirmation. But it actually does not save this. The role remains with rights, where it can only change existing sites. I can not see any errors in /var/log/apache and /var/log/fusionforge. How can I debug this?

Regards, Michael

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Michael Kluge
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Date: 2017-07-04 05:54
Sender: Michael Kluge

The issue is back, but only with custom roles. When I look at the output that you suggested, then I can see that the roles are actually edited by the DB requests. For example, I can set different settings for the mediawiki plugin, and the roles are edited in the database. But the roleedit.php does not reflect the modified settings. Also not, if I reload the page. Maybe there is a bug in common/mediawikiPlugin.class.php ?

Date: 2017-02-27 10:15
Sender: Michael Kluge

Problem is solved in 6.0.5+201702202128-1.

Date: 2017-02-02 14:40
Sender: Franck Villaume

Hi, this one is not easy to debug unless to dig into the code. Role permission update is done using prepared sql queries. File to look into: ~/common/include/RBAC.php function update($role_name,$data,$check_perms=true,$update_sys=true) Line 839 & 840 you have: 839 db_prepare ('UPDATE pfo_role_setting SET perm_val=$4 WHERE role_id=$1 AND section_name=$2 AND ref_id=$3', 840 'update_pfo_role_setting'); Then you have this loop: 850 foreach ($data as $sect => &$refs) { 851 foreach ($refs as $refid => $value) { 852 if (!isset($this->perms_array[$sect][$refid])) { 853 // new permission 854 db_execute('insert_into_pfo_role_setting', 855 array($role_id, $sect, $refid, $value)); 856 } elseif ($this->perms_array[$sect][$refid] != $value) { 857 // changed permission 858 db_execute('update_pfo_role_setting', 859 array($role_id, $sect, $refid, $value)); 860 } 861 } check line 858 for updating permission. $value should have the new permission value you set. $value is from a multi-dimensional array: $data['section']['refid'] = $value $data is built in the page ~/project/admin/roleedit.php Echoing $value on line 857 will help you to know which value will be set by the db_prepare query: update_pfo_role_setting To understand the $value, you have to look in Mediawiki Plugin main class, and look at the hook "role_get" PS: there is a hook: role_update. No need to look for it. It is not used nor implemented by any plugin.

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