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Closed: 26 (100%)


Closed: 7 (100%)
Closed [#643]url_prefix configuration parameter not really efficient
Closed [#789]Typos in fusionforge strings
Closed [#799]site admin userlist page: out of memory for large number of users
Closed [#829]Cloning extrafield not supported on non-standard template project on project registration
Closed [#837]MediaWiki plugin : MediaWiki requires the PSR-3 logging library to be present.
Closed [#865]code snippets missing all syntax highlights and line breaks are ignored
Closed [#874]Task Board not working anymore


Closed: 3 (100%)
Closed [#151]Initial version of auto assign tracker extra field
Closed [#700]cvs for scmhook
Closed [#783]Add capability to edit/add status in PM module (tasks) [previously: Changes to ProjectTaskFactory.class.php breaks handling of custom statuses.]

Feature requests

Closed: 16 (100%)
Closed [#149]auto assign feature for extra fields
Closed [#211]FF ability to allow hypertext in text box or new widgets
Closed [#216]Ability to reorder how custom fields are displayed to user in trackers
Closed [#423]Quick Jump List is not Quick to use
Closed [#746]Support MediaWiki newer than 1.19
Closed [#785]plugin taskboard: authorize multiple kanban or task board
Closed [#786]plugin taskboard: add filter in taskboard / kanban
Closed [#788]plugin taskboard: create burndown chart report
Closed [#794]Docman: limit the number of results on search
Closed [#795]phpcaptcha: display captcha on login after X number of attemps with the same login
Closed [#798]docman search: add dates to limit the search (from, to)
Closed [#807]Docman: support private folder
Closed [#826]add simple constraints to passwords
Closed [#848]Import projects from another forge site
Closed [#853]Include comments in export CSV tracker feature
Closed [#864]SCM plugins: support stats per repository