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GlobalActivity Plugin
provides a forge-wide view into the activities of all projects (modulo permissions). It can be seen as an aggregate of all the project-wide "activity" pages, accessible via https://forge.example.com/plugins/globalactivity/

The relevant data is also made available through a SOAP API

Plugin Changelog
Plugin Changelog for globalactivity
Matrix by Fusionforge Version and by Linux Distribution
distribution\version 4.8.x 5.0.x 5.1.x 5.2.x 5.3.x 6.0.x master
Debian undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined
CentOS undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined

Usage of the API

The method is called globalactivity_getActivity. It takes four parameters.

Session token

A session token (as for the rest of the SOAP API): string (as returned from the login method). Possibly empty if the API is to be used anonymously.

Start date

A start date: integer (Unix timestamp: number of seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC)

End date

An end date: integer (ditto);

List of sections

A list of sections for which to list events (array of strings), to be picked among:

  • scmsvn,
  • svngit,
  • svnhg,
  • trackeropen,
  • trackerclose,
  • frsrelease,
  • forumpost,
  • news,
  • taskopen,
  • taskclose,
  • taskdelete,
  • docmannew,
  • docmanupdate,
  • docgroupnew.

An empty list means no filtering.

Return value

The return value is an array of GlobalActivityEntry. A GlobalActivityEntry is a hash with the following keys:

  • group_id identifier for the project on the forge,
  • section see above, with a quirk: scmsvn, scmgit and scmhg all end up in the same "scm" section,
  • ref_id meaning differs across sections,
  • subref_id ditto,
  • description title, commit number, or otherwise descriptive text,
  • activity_date as a Unix timestamp.

Global Activity per project

Despite its name, the plugin also provides a non-global SOAP method called globalactivity_getActivityForProject, which takes a group_id as an extra parameter between the end date and the list of sections. It returns an array of GlobalActivityEntry that only concerns the requested project.

URL: https://forge.example.com/plugins/globalactivity/


"Test-GlobalActivity" is a Python script meant to test whether a FusionForge instance with plugin GlobalActivity installed is actually working. It was created for testing http://adullact.net/.

As FusionForge offers a SOAP API, GlobalActivity is called with a SOAP client. You may use a desktop tool like SoapUI and make requests manually, or use Test-GlobalActivity, which is a Python script using SUDS library, a lightweight SOAP python client. (One day, it could be updated with Zeep library which seems much more supported.)


sudo apt-get install python-suds


Note: this is Python2

python2 test-globalactivity.py