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FusionForge provides a single point of entry for each project. This homepage can be customize using widgets to gather information from different activated & integrated tools such as File Release, Documentation, Source Code, etc.


Project submenu

The project submenu is dynamically created following tools activation status. The minimal entries are Summary and Admin (if the logged user has administrative permission). Each core tool/feature provides a dedicated submenu entry. Some plugins can also provide a submenu entry.

Submenu detail core features

  • Summary: point to the Project homepage.
  • Admin: point to the administration page of the project. Requires administrative permission.
  • Activity: all project activity perform by project members in each tool.
  • Forums: post messages in forum.
  • Tracker: Artifact, Issue/Bug system
  • Lists: Mailing-list integration
  • Tasks: Project management
  • Docs: document management
  • Surveys: participate/answer to open surveys.
  • News: access to posted news information
  • SCM: point to Source Control Management
  • Files: direct link to the File Release System

Submenu extensions

New entries in this submenu can be added using the Headermenu plugin. It requires project admin permission.

Search Menu

The search menu is dynamically generated to include search into several tools of the project. The menu includes also default entries inherited from the Forge Homepage.

An Advanced Search link is also available to query into the project more precisely.

More information about Search menu here.

Available Widgets per category

The availability of widgets is linked to the activation status of each related tool, i.e: file release system widgets are available if the project activate the file release system feature.

document management

file release system


project management

source control management

requires the use of SCM plugins.