Forum: FusionForge 5.0.3 released

Posted by: Alain Peyrat
Date: 2011-04-04 19:11
Summary: FusionForge 5.0.3 released
Project: FusionForge


Maintenance release, bugfixes and translations only.

Summary of changes:
* htmlpurifier upgraded to 4.3.0
* mailing lists now are as public as the project they’re in upon creation possible data leak, security fix, spotted by <scamp:#fusionforge>, 10x!
* MFC r11973: Fix XSD conformity errors in the generated WSDL.
* Stop trying to copy unneeded libcap into chroot
* Applied patch [#214]: PHP warning if search query is empty
* Added missing spaces to fix SQL queries [#208]
* [#207] Backport file from trunk to fix php warning in project_hierarchy plugin
* Fixed database credentials used for MTA and NSS on new installations
* Improve SVN checkout message and allow pure anonymous access for svn over http (webdav)
* Fix warning if no mailman-aliases files.
* Source install: No chgrp(scm_*) when no shell as groups are not created
* CVS plugin: clear warning when removing non existing files (at least for the first run)
* Source install: Disabling crons: tarball.php no longer available, not working
* Allow user to register projects by default.
* Remove xslt on svn example file (for http).
* Fixed hang during removal of -mta-postfix in some conditions
* Fixed Mediawiki creation script so it uses the appropriate database and user
* Fixed XSS vulnerability reported by 'Bluetouff'
* Validate mailing-list names when creating/deleting them
* Merged updated translations from Pootle (Spanish and Italian)
* Handle amd64 architectures and add missing files in chroot creation
* Support rsyslog as well as syslogd
* Fixed bad detection of PostgreSQL's init script
* Fix URL for roadmap
* Fix for bug #200
* Fix admin_table_postadd
* htmlpurifier upgraded to 4.2.0
* Fixed SQL query in snippet browsing
* Fix database creation problems in case of an SQL_ASCII default for PostgreSQL.
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