Forum: fusionforge switch to Git as primary SCM

Posted by: Alain Peyrat
Date: 2012-10-10 20:57
Summary: fusionforge switch to Git as primary SCM
Project: FusionForge



Since several months, some developers were testing a Subgit gateway to provide a smooth migration to Git for the fusionforge project. This gateway allowed to synchronize the Subversion repository with a Git mirror.

During fusionforge meeting held today in Paris, it has been decided to switch to Git as primary source code tool but keep the Subgit gateway active to allow Subversion users to continue using Subversion.

So, to be clear, now, the primary access to source code is using git;

* For developers:

* For users:

Subversion access is still possible using:

Both Git & Subversion access are fully functional but please consider the Subgit gateway as a temporary solution to allow smooth migration. The gateway is a way to have a fallback solution in case of issues with the switch but should be considered as a temporary solution. We will stop it one day.

Wiki pages will be soon updated to reflect that decision.

Best regards,
PS: Subgit is
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