Forum: FusionForge 5.2.2 released

Posted by: Alain Peyrat
Date: 2013-06-28 11:53
Summary: FusionForge 5.2.2 released
Project: FusionForge


Maintenance release, bugfixes and translations only.

[#428] error with statistics of downloading latest released files
[#447] Project auto approve only works when user has approval permssions
[#497] Number of pending projects miscounted/misleading on site admin tab
[#525] Can't create default Layout for user project
[#527] Unable to delete a project when forum is desactivated via config use_forum=no
[#528] Mailing list creation complains from missing forums
[#554] The docman in List files & Directories collapse folders over the 2 level of depth

[#532] Correct the error when searching a user in site administration
[#534] Remove the warning message on snippet detail
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