Forum: FusionForge 6.0.1 available

Posted by: Sylvain Beucler
Date: 2015-06-23 13:58
Summary: FusionForge 6.0.1 available
Project: FusionForge


We just released FusionForge 6.0.1, which is a bugfix release.

It's available at:

Here are the changes in this release:
* Accounts: accept elliptic curve ssh keys (Unit 193)
* Accounts: fix project join request form [#778] (Inria)
* Accounts: user home: fix missing full name when there's a title (Inria)
* SCM: fix commit privileges (*_scmro group membership) (Inria)
* SCM: kill stalled Apache processes (Inria)
* Forum: fix conflict between attachments and pending attachments [#662] (Inria)
* FRS: display new releases first (Roland Mas, for Inria)
* FRS: revert Notes and ChangeLog as optional fields (Inria)
* FRS: fix administration link in project Tools page (Inria)
* FRS: fix per-release .zip for old uploads [#774] (TrivialDev and Inria)
* FRS: fix links to release .zip when the package contain spaces (Inria)
* Tracker: fix description re-html-ization when editing item (Inria)
* Tracker: fix HTML entities in mail notifications (Inria)
* Tracker: provide a "Submit" button below the "add a comment" field [#776] (TrivialDev)
* Tracker: on item update, notify users who monitor the whole tracker (Inria)
* Tracker/FRS/Docman/Forum: allow viewing text and image files within the browser [#773] (Inria)
* Activity: commit log now works with private projects (Inria)
* Widgets: MyProjects: only display active projects (Inria)
* Widgets: MyLatestCommits, ProjectLatestCommits: now works with private projects (Inria)
* SCM SVN: fix double-compression in ViewVC (Inria)
* SCM SVN: support files with spaces in ViewVC (Inria)
* SCM SVN: fix permissions in migration script (Inria)
* Plugin scmhook: git commitemail: fix subject, handle special chars, sync script with upstream (Roland Mas and Inria)
* Plugin scmhook: fix hook deactivation (Inria)
* Plugin scmhook: fix predictable temporary file name (Roland Mas)
* Disable forceful gzip compression, mitigates BREACH attacks [#779] (tarent solutions GmbH and Inria)
* Doc clean-up (Inria)

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