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RE: Customize vhost with FusioNForge [ Reply ]
By: Franck Villaume on 2016-08-21 15:26

Configuration must be modified at 2 places.

First, you need to overwrite the web_host value in /etc/fusionforge/config.ini.d/ files
To do so, best practices is to set the following lines in the /etc/fusionforge/config.ini.d/zzzz-local.ini file:
web_host = <put the FQDN you want here>

Second, you must reflect this modification into httpd configuration.
Edit the /etc/fusionforge/httpd.conf.d/00-defines.conf and adjust the following values:

You need to restart your httpd server.
That should do the trick.

Customize vhost with FusioNForge [ Reply ]
By: Filippo S on 2016-08-20 22:00

I am running into an annoying problem that is probably easy to solve but I am not that expert to get it done myself.

I have a website that points to WordPress.

If I install FusionForge via RPM on CentOS7 then

I want to keep "" pointing to WordPress and eventually "" pointing to FusionForge. What I should do? Which file I have to modify?

Thanks in advance
-- Filippo