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RE: installation sous windows? [ Reply ]
By: Franck Villaume on 2017-08-08 09:17

you could try to do the installation on Windows but ... at the end you will not be able to use your system.

FusionForge requirements are a little bit more than Apache HTTPD, PHP and PostgreSQL. User management relies on nscd to link users to PostgreSQL to enable SSH support. A simple grep in the source code will highlight a lot of dependencies with a UNIX system. Linux is almost a must have. I'm aware of a FreeBSD installation.

All documentation about installation is there:

Then you will need to read the installation scripts & makefiles.

PS: I use english even if I'm fluent in french :-)

installation sous windows? [ Reply ]
By: Stéphane Billeter on 2017-08-08 08:52

Dans la mesure où fusionforge nécessite que Apache, PHP 5 et PostgreSQL 8.x, il devrait être possible de l'installer sur Windows.
Est-ce que ce serait possible ?
N'y aurait-il pas une description plus détaillée de l'installation?