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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 5.2

Release Notes
FusionForge 5.2 is another incremental step over 5.1, with about 2600

There have been no in-depth rewrites this time, only a number of
improvements to various parts of the code.  The document manager
steadily grows in functionality, new widgets are available for users'
personal pages, the SCM plugins grew new features for hooks (on
supported systems), the trackers now offer a new view for roadmaps.
New plugins include a Message plugin allowing to display a global
message on the forge, and a MoinMoinWiki plugin.

Many bugs were of course fixed during the course of this development

As before, this release comes with packages for Red Hat and Debian
systems (and derived distributions), as well as a rewritten installer
script for users of other systems (and those who prefer more manual
installations).  This release provides scripts to migrate what needs
to be migrated to the new schemes (for the database schema).  Care
should still be taken to check the results of these migrations, as a
safety net.

No change log