Docman rewrite proposition

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  • UI enhancements
  • storage models thru API : SCM, DB, FS (FS has been selected. no DB storage anymore in FF5.3)
  • docman access thru WebDAV
  • basic locking (locked, unlocked)
  • link with others tools such as : trackers, wiki, scm, frs
  • user view
  • export full docman as archive
  • document versionning
  • notification by document
  • workflow of validation
  • compressing data on-the-fly for saving storage
  • better integration of roles with the forge


Note: step1 and step2 are included in 5.1 (see Roadmap for more details).
Note: step3 is included in 5.2 (see Roadmap for more details).
Note: step4 is included in 5.3 (see Roadmap for more details).
Note: step5 is included in 6.0 (see Roadmap for more details).
Note: "step6 is included in 6.1 (see Roadmap for more details).

step1 : UI enhancement (Finished)

  • new UI landed in trunk (DONE: 20100730)
  • trash implementation (DONE: 20100814 : files only)
  • UI theme (DONE: 20100814)

step2 : (Finished)

  • basic locking (locked/unlocked) (reservation DONE: 20101027)
  • export as archive (DONE: 20101012)
  • monitoring (files only DONE: 20101105)
  • user view (basic widget DONE: 20101113)
  • webdav (DONE: (GET,PROPFIND implemented) 20101020)

step3 : (Finished)

  • mass action (download, delete selected files) (DONE: 20110117)
  • better role definition (DONE: 20110630)
  • download directory as zip file (DONE: 20110113)
  • upload zipfile, uncompress on the fly and create the complete tree if needed (DONE: 20101220)
  • mechanism for disabling tooltip per user preference (DONE: 20110119)
  • implement ProjectsHierarchyPlugin (DONE : 20120226)
  • widget from project summary (basic view DONE: 20101220)
  • widget for user view : all projects docman (DONE: 20101229)
  • add docman in activity (DONE: 20110204)
  • allow manual upload of docs with SCP/SFTP/whatever, like the FRS does (DONE: 20110204) (also in 5.1)
  • allow resize of div and memorize it (DONE: 20110515)
  • reimplement trash, pending files (gui and backend) (DONE: 20110630)
  • add path in files listing for better navigation (DONE: 20110728)
  • reimplement document edition zone using modal window (DONE: 20120218)

step4 : (Finished)

  • storage in FS (DONE: 20120603)
  • monitor a directory (DONE: 20120710)
  • new directory appears in activity (DONE: 20120710)
  • add number of download per file (DONE: 20120716)
  • tracking downloads (who, when) like in FRS (DONE: 20121216)

step5 : (Finished)

  • webdav MKCOL support (DONE: 20140406)
  • webdav DELETE support (DONE: 20140406)
  • webdav PUT support (DONE: 20140411)
  • webdav MOVE support (DONE: 20141017)
  • new massaction: move multiple files to another directory (DONE: 20140412)
  • rewrite search engine (lolando merges patch series for that) (DONE: 20141212)


  • Make it easy to send a link to a document. (to tell someone to update a document and give a link for it.) aka notify users on existing document (DONE: 20160111)
  • add date limite in search documents (DONE: 20151225)
  • add max old days in search documents (DONE: 20151225)
  • add limitation of number of searched documents found (DONE: 20150919)
  • merge standard search engine & docman engine (DONE: 20151225)
  • support private folder (DONE: 20160214)
  • support document version (DONE, 20160730)

to be done

  • select members to be notify when you add an item.
  • option to steal a lock (and send a mail to originator)
  • map webdav locking to lock/reservation in docman.
  • add an user repository (a personal docman) (currently docman is project oriented... offering a personal docman would need a huge rewrite.)
  • rewrite backend ?
  • rewrite permissions using tracker RBAC model (bitmask)
  • user widget: pending files needing validation.
  • use an already uploaded zip in inject tree action
  • add keywords per document ? reuse the tagcloud model ?
  • unify icon in theme
  • create link to another already existing directory
  • notification mass action (notify users for selected documents)
  • let the user configure the columns of the listfile & listtrash views as in tracker