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Before providing your patch, please try as much as possible to follow the next rules, some are optional, some are mandatory. What happen if you do not comply to the rules : actually, nothing happen, our patch will be analysed any way. Rules are here only to make the merge easier.

Thank you for contributing.

Rule 1: stable version (mandatory)

Your patch must be available at least for the last stable Fusionforge version. Use the "base branch" field in the patch tracker to select the stable branch your patch is based on. The "target branch" field will be update by the person who will do the merge into the community source code. Providing your patch for master branch is a nice to have.

Rule 2: unified diff (mandatory)

Your patch must be a unified diff. Your patch should be apply with the command like patch -p1 or git apply

Rule 3: per logical part (mandatory)

Provide one patch file per logical part. Do not provide a patch which fix a bug and also enhance another part of the code, in this case, please provide 2 patchs.

Rule 4: naming the patch (optional)

Your patch file should be named accordingly to the based branch you have hacked.