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FusionForge tracks activities done in each feature enabled in the project. This tab is available when the project ticks in tool selection: "use Project Activity"


Displayed information

Permission settings apply to filter displayed information. The found activities are listed from newer to older, organized per day.

  • Time: when this activity happens.
  • Activity: Description of the activity, with a link to jump to this activity, i.e. direct link to artifact, direct link to document folder.
  • By: who has perform the activity. Some activity may have no "By" value in case of commits.

Activity Type

The available activity type is based on the feature activated by project.
Main Fusionforge features providing activities:

Fusionforge plugins providing activities:

Time Frame

By default, time frame is last 30 days. You can select your time frame by using the date pickers to set start and end dates.