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Project Creation workflow

Project creation is a 2-steps workflow:

  1. project registration by an user. The project is then in pending state.
  2. pending project review by a Forge Admin which can reject or validate the creation. On validation, the project is set to active and the creator is granted Project Administration permissions.

Registration options

Project Registration by any logged user

This option is available if the configuration flag project_registration_restricted is set to no (default value). Otherwise, only Forge Adminis can register a project. See Option 2.

To register a new project, user must be logged. From the user homepage, any user can register a new project.

Registration requests the following elements:

  • Project Full Name: between 3 to 40 characters.
  • Project Purpose And Summarization: from 10 to 1500 characters. Used by Forge Admins to review registration.
  • Project Public Description: At least 10 characters. Describe the project general objectives. Used at various places such as softwaremap or Project Description Widget
  • Project Unix Name: Must be a valid Unix name and unique across the FusionForge installation. Once set, the value cannot be modified.
  • Source Code: tick the Source Control Management system to use. It overwrites the value of the project template if any.
  • Project template: Select the project template to apply on Project creation. Select Start from an empty project if user wants to not use any Project template

Project registration by Forge Admins

Project Import

inject-groups.php script

The inject-groups.php is located in ~/fusionforge/bin/ directory. This script must be executed on the FusionForge hosting server.

The script creates projects based on the content of a parameter file groups.txt which must be located in the same directory than the script.

The content of groups.txt file must respect the following format:

  • each line describe one project.
  • each line have 4 elements separated by colon
    • unixname: project unixname. Must be unique across the FusionForge installation
    • fullname: project fullname. Space authorized.
    • description: project public description. Space authorized
    • username: unix user name which will be granted Project Administration permissions.

Example file:

 demoproject:demoproject:simple description:usera

forge command line

The forge command line is located in ~/bin/ directory.

The command line supports users mass injection. Detail information here