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Taskboard Plugin
This plugin offers you an easy way to setup an Agile Taskboard using the trackers you can already using in your project. Plugin available since FusionForge 6.x .
Plugin Changelog
Plugin Changelog for taskboard
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FusionForge project can use one ore more artifact trackers.

TaskBoard plugin is a tool for having a consolidated 'board' like view for artifacts, managed with trackers. For changing artifact resolution you should just move it from one column to another.

Task board allows to manage tasks in agile style (Scrum or Kanban).

Trackers, using extra field with 'resolution' alias, can be used as tasks trackers. So related artifacts are shown as draggable stickers on the task board.

'resolution' extra field should have a 'select' type.

You can configure a separate colors for different tasks trackers (e.g., light green for feature requests, light red for bug reports). In this case configured colors will be used as background colors for titles of 'resolution' stickers.

One of tracker can be used as user stories tracker. User stories tracker is optional, but if it's used - you will see all tasks grouped by related user stories, and first column is used for user stories stickers.

Any tracker could be used either like a tasks tracker or like user stories tracker.

In user stories tracker you can define an extra field, that will be used for user stories sorting. It's a 'text' type extra field that usually keeps a unique number - relative priority of the user story.

Naturally, in tasks trackers you should define an extra field for keeping a reference to related user story artifact (identifier of user story artifact).

User story extra field should have 'text' or 'relation' type.

There are two ways to manage sprints/releases:

  • by tasks
  • by user stories

In the first case we use tasks tracker extra field, dedicated to release. So, every task can be linked to release directly. And it's possible to have tasks that are not linked to any user story.

In the second case case we use user stories tracker extra field, dedicated to release. In this case all planned tasks should be linked to particular user stories, and user stories are linked to releases.

In both cases release extra field should have a 'select' type.

Users having 'manager' permissions in tracker can modify sticker's title and body. It's activated with double click on the related text. Changes are submitted with ENTER, canceled with ESC.

Other technicians can only move stickers from column to column (so they can change resolution of the related artifact).

Moved task will be automatically assigned to the current person if "autoassign" is enabled for the target column.


  • DONE Admin - link resolutions to columns
  • DONE View - put cards in right columns
  • DONE Admin - drop rule by default configuration
  • DONE Admin - define column for US sorting
  • DONE View - US sorting
  • DONE Admin - first column by default (checkbox - put all cards with undefined resolution into column by default)
  • DONE View - order tasks by priority
  • DONE View - order user stories by priority (user story points)
  • DONE View - first column by default
  • DONE View - filter by assigned persons
  • DONE Releases are based either on US or on tasks
  • DONE View - indicators - progress by tasks number
  • DONE API - configured fields support in mapped tasks ('estimated_dev_effort', 'remaining_dev_effort', 'user_story' )
  • DONE View - indicators - progress by tasks cost (if efforts fields are configured)
  • DONE Admin - releases management
  • View - auto ref rate support
  • Admin - auto ref rate support
  • Admin - adapters - coloring support
  • View - adapters - coloring support (for GT)
  • View - colors by extrafield (for GT)
  • DONE View - indicators - burndown chart
  • View - indicators - velocity calculation
  • Improve taskboard initialization - columns by default?


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