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FusionForge Tracker system provides capability to setup a workflow of the issue life cycle within a tracker. A workflow is binded to a tracker. This feature does support only one workflow per tracker. This feature requires to setup a custom field status to overwrite the default status field.

Configure Workflow

To get access to the workflow management page, it requires trackers administration permission.

From the Tracker Main Page:

  • Select the tracker
  • Click on the Administration submenu entry
  • Click on the Manage workflow link.

Initial values

By default, all values are selected, i.e: when new artifact is created, user can select any status.

Untick the unwanted values on submit new artifact view to limit the choice of the user on artifact creation. Then click on submit button to save.

important: check carefully the setting of the custom status field and his possible default value to ensure that the default value is available on submit new view.

Value workflow

Role authorization

Required field